Tony Martinez Sr. Kenpo Karate

Master Tony Martinez Sr. 10th degree Black Belt is among the highest ranked Kenpo practitioners in the world today. Master Tony has been learning and perfecting Ed Parkers American Kenpo still today in 2020. Tony Martinez Sr. started his career in his late teens as a golden glove amateur boxer. Tony's incredibly fast hands and hard punches all but guaranteed his success as a boxer, however Tony discovered martial arts and found his real passion and talent were to reach full potential under the guidance of Ed Parker and Mills Crenshaw. Master Tony was a star student, and received his Black Belt from Ed Parker and Mills Crenshaw in November in 64 Tony is a two time international karate champion, Winning his first championship as a Brown Belt in 1964 and winning again the years in 66 or 67 as a Black Belt light weight division Tony opened his first Kenpo school in 1965 and has been teaching adults and children, police officers ever since. Tony runs an exceptional Kenpo school and is highly respected today among the top tier of Kenpo professionals.

Private Lesson Instructors
Tony Martinez Sr.
Marc Callister
Mike Hansen